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AFD's strategy - in a nutshell

Stopping dolphin hunting is a difficult mission – but it can be done. Indeed, a huge amount of progress has been made in the last few decades, with many countries around the world banning commercial dolphin hunting entirely.


How will AFD stop dolphin hunting where it continues?

Where dolphin hunting is taking place illegally, we'll fight to stop it through the courts. We'll also bring organisations that support dolphin hunting to account through legal action.

Beyond legal efforts, AFD conducts investigations, research and powerful advocacy campaigns to influence decision-makers to stop dolphin hunting.

AFD also works to bring an end to dolphin and whale captivity. We do this by pushing law reform to ban the practice. AFD also conducts campaigns to expose cruelty to captive dolphins, and pressure aquariums to comply with animal welfare laws.

Most of all, AFD focuses on strategy and results – we aim to achieve the maximum benefit for dolphins and whales.

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