The dark reality for dolphins at marine parks

Imagine living your entire life in your living room, the vast world outside becoming an alien concept. For dolphins in marine parks, this analogy becomes a harsh reality. Confined within the limited dimensions of an artificial enclosure, these sentient creatures endure a daily assault of bright lights and booming noises, while their instinctive urge to explore and socialize is constantly thwarted.

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The power of your pledge

With your pledge, you’re recognising dolphins for the intelligent, sociable beings they are who should have a right to roam the vast oceans. You’re sending a potent message to the captivity industry: the commodification of these sentient beings is unacceptable.

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The invisible chains of captivity

It’s a sobering truth: thousands of dolphins are shackled within the confines of marine parks worldwide. These establishments, operating under the guise of entertainment, exploit these awe-inspiring creatures for profit. But what is the real price of this so-called amusement?

Marine parks and similar establishments exploit these incredible creatures for profit. But what does captivity cost the dolphins?

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When you go on holiday, pledge not to support marine parks that keep dolphins in captivity.