What are the Taiji dolphin hunts?

Every year from September to March, dolphin hunters find pods of dolphins and bang on large metal poles to frighten and herd the dolphins into the Taiji cove. The hunters net off the area, sometimes leaving pods exhausted and trapped overnight.

Then the bloodbath begins. During the drive hunt dolphins are brutally stabbed to death. Dead dolphins are secured by their tails and flukes and dragged by boats. 

Help us end the cruel dolphin drive hunts.

Source Kunito

How is the sale of dolphin meat connected to the dolphin hunts?

The Taiji dolphin hunters hunt dolphins for two reasons – to sell live dolphins into a cruel life of captivity, or to slaughter and sell their body parts for meat. 

Dolphin meat is then sold in local markets, restaurants, and through online stores. 

The connection between the sale of dolphin meat and the Taiji dolphin hunts has led to international criticism. 

If the Minister stops the sale of dolphin meat, it could save hundreds of dolphins from slaughter each year.

Source Robert Gilhooly

How many dolphins have suffered in the Taiji dolphin hunts?


dolphins & small whales have been slaughtered in the Taiji hunts since 2012


dolphins & small whales have been caught trapped into a life of captivity from the Taiji hunts since 2012

How toxic is dolphin meat?

Dolphins can accumulate high levels of toxins like mercury in their bodies, which can be harmful to humans’ health if consumed.

A sample of Risso’s dolphin meat tested by a Japanese laboratory in October 2022 showed that the dolphin meat contained mercury levels 97.5 times higher than the amount recommended as safe for human consumption by Japanese regulations. Another sample tested at the same time showed that dolphin meat contained mercury levels 80 times higher than the recommended level. 

Despite this, dolphin meat continues to be sold with very little regulation or testing – putting people’s health at serious risk.

This is not okay. To challenge this, we are pressuring global companies to stop selling Taiji processed dolphin meat using high impact advocacy and the legal system. Join us in our fight.

Source Robert Gilhooly