1. How many types of dolphin are there?

There are nearly 40 different types of dolphins swimming around in our world. And here’s a fun fact: 6 types are often referred to as whales, including the notorious killer whales and the pilot whales. [1]

2. Where do dolphins live?

Dolphins have homes all over the world. Most dolphins live in gigantic oceans, from freezing cold temperatures and tropical seas. [2] 

Some dolphins live in freshwater streams and rivers, like the Amazon river dolphin. [3]

Source Nurture and Daria Zekert from Getty Images

3. What do dolphins eat?

Dolphins are carnivores and have a range of food sources depending on where they live. They can feed on fish, octopus, squid, shrimp and crustaceans. The largest species in the dolphin family, the orca, can feed on larger prey such as birds, sea lions, and even other dolphins! [4]

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4. How do dolphins hunt?

Dolphins often hunt together in pods, where every dolphin has a specific role to play. They use their group advantage to surround fish, packing them closely together, before taking turns to feed. It’s like a well-planned soccer strategy, but in the ocean. [5]

Dolphins use a fascinating hunting technique called echolocation. They emit sound waves which bounce off their surroundings and allow them to locate prey. [6] Some dolphins like the Guiana dolphin can even pick up the electrical signals from fish, which is a next-level hunting technique. [7]

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5. Do dolphins sleep?

Yes, but it’s quite different from how we sleep. One half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps while the other half remains awake, allowing them to keep one eye open and continue surfacing for air. Dolphins usually sleep in groups called pods, alternating which side of their brain is asleep every couple of hours. [8]

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