Traveloka = profiting from pain

Traveloka offers various wildlife experiences that perpetuate animal exploitation. These include activities like dolphin shows, elephant feeding and bathing, and tiger touching.

The suffering behind the photos

Let’s explore the hidden realities behind each of these experiences.

Image of a trainer's feet standing on the nose of a captive dolphin

Dolphin shows

Confining dolphins to tanks denies them the ability to swim vast distances, socialise naturally, and engage in natural behaviours[1].

Image of a captive elephant performing a ring trick with a trainer standing next to them holding a stick

Elephant experiences

Elephants used for rides and shows are often captured young and subjected to brutal training methods, including bullhooks and confinement. These methods leave elephants with physical and psychological trauma[2].

Image of a captive tiger looking distressed while a person holds them still with a stick and collar. A child poses next to them for the photo.

Tiger touching

Many tiger parks exploit tigers for cub petting and photo opportunities. This disrupts natural breeding patterns and forces tigers into unnatural interactions with humans[3].

The cycle

By promoting these experiences, Traveloka contributes to a system of animal exploitation and undermines responsible tourism.

How is Traveloka connected to the Taiji dolphin hunts?

Independent research by Action for Dolphins and World Animal Protection reveals a disturbing truth: Traveloka sells tickets to 9 wildlife entertainment venues linked to the Taiji dolphin hunts in Japan[4]

The Taiji dolphin hunts are brutal. Each year, hundreds of dolphins and small whales in Taiji are slaughtered for meat or captured alive. The dolphins that are caught are removed from their pods, trained to perform circus tricks, and trapped into a life of captivity. 

Infographic with the words 'caught in Taiji' and a dolphin caught in a net, followed by the words 'sold to wildlife entertainment venue' and a dolphin with a ball, followed by the words 'Tickets sold by travel companies like Traveloka' and ticket stub icons

Traveloka plays a huge role in the ongoing exploitation of dolphins for human amusement by promoting and selling tickets to wildlife entertainment venues. 

Travellers are demanding change

Consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare within the travel industry. In response, a growing list of travel giants have implemented animal welfare policies in recent years. It’s time for Traveloka to get with the times. 

Image of a magnifying glass over a book reading text saying "policy"

Who has implemented an animal welfare policy?

Airbnb  Expedia The Travel Corporation British Airways

Why is an Animal Welfare Policy important?

A robust animal welfare policy outlines a company’s commitment to ethical treatment of animals across its operations and supply chain. As middlemen between tourists and venues, travel companies have the power to end their suffering by refusing to support venues where captive wildlife are forced to perform in demeaning and unnatural ways for entertainment.

A good policy will include the following:

Image of captive elephants with riding baskets on their back with a sticker overlaying the image saying

Commitment to eliminating the sale of tickets to exploitative experiences like dolphin shows, elephant rides, and tiger parks.

image of free whales swimming in the ocean

Offers alternative wildlife experiences that prioritise animal welfare, such as wildlife sanctuaries and eco-tourism options.

Image of a sign post reading

Provides clear information about responsible tourism practices on their website.

Your voice matters

By signing this petition, you'll join a growing movement urging Traveloka to:

Image of a stamp saying

Ban the sale of tickets to venues connected to cruel dolphin hunting

Image of a drawing of two hands holding a paw print

Establish clear standards for animal welfare in all travel experiences offered

Line drawing of a handshake

Prioritise partnerships with responsible tourism providers committed to ethical animal treatment

Together, we can create a future where travel fosters respect and compassion for all living beings. Sign the petition and show Traveloka that travellers demand cruelty-free experiences.