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The terrible things that occur in the Japanese town of Taiji happen daily for six months of the year, although they are now well hidden from view.

Secret cameras, however, have made their way into Taiji's cove, and this video clip is from some of these cameras.

Action for Dolphins doesn't want to shock unnecessarily, but if you want to understand why we're so passionate, please see for yourself the horror that goes on in Taiji.

We invite you to watch just 30 seconds here. Don't worry if you can't make it to the end - many people can't.

We warn you that it's horrific footage. We ask that you don't show this to children.

If you do take the challenge, we hope you will join us as a Dolphin Defender - with your help we believe we can bring an end to what you're about to see.

I've seen this and gosh - you've just got to see it for yourself.

- The Hon Barry Jones

Thank you for watching, and welcome to Australia for Dolphins! AFD is an Australian
organisation working peacefully and respectfully to stop dolphin hunting, which we think is
one of the most pressing animal cruelty issues in the world today. Unlike whale hunts, dolphin hunts are completely unregulated by international bodies, and dolphins continue to be killed in their thousands.

On this website you can find out more about dolphin hunting and what can be done to
stop it. Whether you're from Australia or elsewhere in the world, we welcome you warmly,
and we'd be delighted if you'd consider becoming part of our efforts by joining us as a member.

Together we can stop dolphin hunting. It can be done.

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Please join us as a member, and be part of bringing
dolphin hunting to an end forever.

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