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Stop the Toxic Sale

According to the World Health Organisation, Mercury poses a serious risk to human health. Long-term exposure has been tied to negative neurological, cardiovascular, developmental, immunological, and reproductive health effects. 

Tests have shown that dolphins killed in the Taiji hunts, the world's largest dolphin drive hunts, contain high levels of mercury - some exceeding Japan's own guidelines. Yet many people are unaware that dolphin and whale meat sourced from these hunts contain high levels of mercury, and the meat continues to be sold throughout Japan. 

In an attempt to hinder the economic viability of the hunts, AFD has filed a world-first criminal complaint against the sale of toxic dolphin and whale meat in Japan. The complaint included samples with mercury concentrations 25, 12, and 2.5 times greater than the Japanese regulatory limit.

AFD has also launched a widespread campaign against Japan's second biggest online retailer, Yahoo! Japan, calling on them to stop the sale of dolphin meat sourced from Taiji.

Please take a minute to sign our StoptheToxicSale petition calling on Japan’s Minister of Health to get this toxic product off the shelf.





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