Since 2013, Action for Dolphins has been fighting to end the cruel dolphin hunts in Taiji. We’ve made significant progress, including stopping 62 Japanese aquariums from purchasing live dolphins from the hunts. But dolphins continue to be slaughtered every year.

We are now employing a different approach – targeting the dangerous levels of mercury in dolphin meat.

If government officials won’t stop the hunts on cruelty grounds, they have to pay attention when human health is at risk. 


As per the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the permitted levels of mercury and methylmercury in marine foods is 0.4 μg/wet g and 0.3 μg/wet g, respectively. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the mercury levels found in dolphin meat sold throughout Japan is significantly higher than these safe limits for consumption.

Exposure to toxic levels of mercury poses serious health risks, including adversely impacting the birth weight, nervous system and immune response of developing fetuses. In adults, the consumption of toxic levels of mercury can increase the risk of arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

“For sensitive consumers and those with high-level consumption (e.g., whaling communities), exposure to mercury…from certain whale blubber and bacon and striped dolphin liver products could lead to chronic health effects.” (Simmonds et al. 2011

Please help expose this and make it impossible for officials to look the other way. Sign the petition calling on the Japanese Minister for Health to get this toxic product off the shelf:

Our Approach

By opening people’s eyes to the health dangers of dolphin meat, we can shift public sentiment against dolphin hunting in Japan. It might just be the golden ticket to ending the horrific slaughters in Taiji.

But in order for the plan to work we need as many people as possible to take a stand by adding their name to the petition. Help create an incremental change towards realising a world without cruel dolphin hunting by signing the petition.

Your signature could help end the horrific slaughters in Taiji – saving countless dolphins from suffering and death, and removing a potential health risk to people.

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