This is why Action for Dolphins is urging supporters to call on BGH Capital and Sea World to meet three important welfare requirements:

1. Stop breeding dolphins in captivity

2. Stop the circus shows

3. Retire the 30+ dolphins to a sanctuary

NOW is the time to put pressure on. You can help by writing to BGH Capital directly and asking them to act in the interests of these dolphins. 

Ethical concerns 

A vast body of scientific literature suggests captive dolphins and whales suffer high levels of disease, stress, and mortality.

The needs of these migratory mammals – which evolved to thrive in vast oceans travelling hundreds of kilometres per day – simply cannot be met confined in artificial pools. World-renowned animal behaviourist Dame Jane Goodall is among the many experts who have voiced their opposition to dolphin and whale captivity on ethical grounds.

You can help ensure no new dolphins are bred into a life of captivity. It will also mean the current dolphins at Sea World will stop performing demeaning shows and live out the rest of their lives in a more natural, sea sanctuary environment.

Political opposition to cetacean captivity

Dolphin captivity has already been banned, or legislative reform to ban cetacean captivity is underway in a growing number of countries including the UK, Finland, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Canada, India, and the US.

Sea World is the last remaining marine park in Australia with a captive breeding program, which it has shown no signs of ending. Its parent company recorded a net loss of $117.4 million for the 2019-20 financial year, meaning sooner or later something’s gotta give.

New owners mean a major shift is coming, and this is our chance to ensure BGH Capital make dolphins a priority.