We are challenging the sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat.

We’ve taken a massive step forward in our ongoing campaign to end dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan. 

After months of meticulous preparation and evidence-gathering, we submitted a criminal complaint challenging the sale of mercury-contaminated dolphin meat from Taiji.

A Tokyo-based law firm filed the complaint on our behalf, arguing the seller engaged in long-running, habitual criminal activity by selling whale and dolphin meat with potentially toxic levels of mercury via Yahoo! Japan’s website.

Recent tests by a Japanese laboratory revealed that the mercury levels in dolphin meat sold throughout Japan are up to 97.5 times higher than the government-set regulatory limit. 

This alarming discovery highlights the importance of raising awareness about the health risks associated with consuming dolphin meat.

Our goal is to reduce demand for products sourced from these brutal hunts, ultimately protecting vulnerable dolphin populations from slaughter.

As reported in The Guardian today: “Hannah Tait, AFD’s chief executive, said she hoped the test results and police complaint would result in dolphin meat being removed from sale in supermarkets, restaurants and the online retailer Yahoo! Japan.”

Our legal action has already garnered attention, bringing this crucial issue into the spotlight.

By disrupting the supply chain, we aim to protect vulnerable dolphin populations and bring an end to dolphin hunting.

If our complaint is accepted, the police will launch an investigation and, based on their findings, recommend whether to indict the store owner selling these hazardous body parts.

A successful case could lead to the removal of mercury-laden dolphin meat from Yahoo! Japan’s website, directly impacting a significant point of sale for the Taiji dolphin hunters. 

This legal battle is just one of the many ways we’re fighting to end dolphin hunting and protect these intelligent creatures.

We will keep you informed of any developments regarding our complaint, stay tuned for updates. 

Thanks to dolphin defenders worldwide, let’s keep working together to end dolphin cruelty.