Thanks to incredible dolphin defenders worldwide, the complaint was filed against the Joreimaru Whale Specialty Store selling via Yahoo! Japan’s website. It alleged the sale of dolphin meat from Taiji is part of a long-running criminal activity and the meat should be removed from sale.

The police acted quickly and the investigation was launched in under a week. Following the investigation, the police will decide whether to send the case to the prosecutor.

This campaign has gained international attention, with coverage from media outlets such as The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, VICE News, Japan News 24. The global spotlight on this issue is a testament to the hard work and dedication of supporters who are spreading the word about the importance of protecting dolphin populations from harm.

We have made significant strides towards raising awareness about the health risks associated with consuming mercury-contaminated dolphin meat. This police investigation is a significant step forward in the effort to stop the sale of this harmful meat and impact the economic viability of the Taiji dolphin hunts.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign and helped to raise awareness about this important issue. Together, we can use all the tools available to us to protect dolphin populations and stop the sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat.