Today, we are excited to announce a crucial step in our mission to disrupt the sale of dolphin meat from the Taiji hunts.

This week we submitted our appeal against the Taiji Fisheries Association.


In 2021 we submitted a criminal complaint against the Taiji Fisheries Association in Japan which oversees the local Taiji fishing industry, including the dolphin drive hunts.

In this complaint we alleged that the Taiji Fisheries Association violated Food Sanitation Law in Japan for selling dolphin meat with mercury levels 25 times the regulatory limit

Unfortunately, the Prosecutor’s Office decided not to indict the Association. But we’re not backing down.

The appeal process

This week our lawyers in Japan submitted an appeal to this decision of the Prosecutor’s Office. This means the evidence we collected will be presented to a committee of 11 Japanese citizens.

If 8 or more members agree to prosecute, a lawyer designated by the court will indict the Taiji Fisheries Association.

What’s at stake?

This appeal is more than a legal battle; it’s a stand against cruelty and a push to disrupt the economic incentives driving the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji.

We have already achieved so much, including recently shutting down a supplier of Taiji dolphin meat.

By targeting key players and practices, we’re aiming to unravel the supply chain, setting a precedent for future protection efforts.


Our appeal marks a pivotal moment in our campaign. It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we unite and strive for a common goal. Together, we can disrupt the supply chain of dolphin meat from Taiji and prevent dolphin suffering.