Hannah focused on the feeding of wild dolphins in Australia, which will be featured in an upcoming ABC documentary titled “Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep?”.

Dolphins are universally adored creatures, but the threats they face often remain hidden from the public eye. One such threat comes from wild dolphin feeding programs at four tourism sites in Australia – two in Queensland and two in Western Australia. 

While these programs might seem like a unique opportunity to interact with wild dolphins, they can have detrimental effects on the animals’ health and wellbeing.

The main problem is that feeding wild dolphins teaches them to associate humans with food, which can disrupt their natural instincts to forage and hunt. This behavior can also interfere with the education of their young, who may fail to learn essential life skills. 

Moreover, feeding wild dolphins can lead to aggression within pods, as well as between dolphins and humans, and increase the risk of boat strikes.

The documentary “Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep?” aims to bring this issue to light, reaching a wide audience and mobilising people to take action. Documentaries can serve as powerful tools for initiating change and protecting these beloved animals.

Making a difference is easier than you might think. By simply choosing not to participate in dolphin feeding programs and encouraging others to do the same, you are helping to preserve the lives and well-being of wild dolphins.

Take a moment to sign the pledge against feeding dolphins and share this issue with friends and family. 

A simple conversation can be enough to change hearts and minds, ultimately contributing to the conservation of these incredible animals we all cherish.