The Animals (Low Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill has passed its final stage in England and Northern Ireland. This new law will stop travel companies advertising and selling tickets for activities deemed ‘low welfare’. The scope of activities is still undergoing a period of review, but it could include swim-with-dolphin experiences, shows at captive dolphin venues, tiger cub selfies, and elephant interactions offered abroad.

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Cape Cod in the USA is a hotspot for dolphin strandings. A new hospital is to be opened to help dolphins in need. This new hospital will mean stranded dolphins can get the emergency care they need to be released back into the ocean as quickly as possible.

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This one is too cute not to share. A recent study revealed common bottlenose dolphins use high-pitched “baby talk”, similar to how humans communicate with infants. This unique form of communication involves mums modifying their calls when addressing their calves and assisting them in learning how to produce these sounds themselves.

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Mexico recently introduced six new national parks and seven flora and fauna protection areas covering over 44,000 acres. These new protected areas will create conditions that allow for flora and fauna typical of the region to flourish and will provide areas for scientific research.

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Introducing the Tamanend’s bottlenose dolphin – a new species of dolphin dubbed by scientists. Scientists found the Tamanend’s bottlenose species are smaller than offshore common bottlenose dolphins, eat different fish and have spines adapted to navigating rivers and estuaries. The Tamamend’s bottlenose dolphin can be found in shallow water from Florida to New York. Pretty cool!

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