For one week only – until March 16 – is matching donations up to $9,000 to help stop dolphin hunting in Japan. 

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Thanks to our incredible dolphin defenders, we are getting closer to disrupting the dolphin meat trade from Taiji. 

Our investigator was on the ground during the final days of the hunts. He filmed the dolphin hunters in action and we reached over 18,000 people on social media with this footage.

He also scoped out which supermarkets are selling dolphin meat in the area and what they are selling. This is vital intel for targeting a key economic driver of the hunts.

Footage of dolphins being herded into the cove from our investigator. He says seeing the hunts first-hand was heartbreaking and he felt overcome by emotion.

During this dolphin hunt season 527 dolphins were slaughtered for their meat and 33 dolphins were taken alive. While this is 560 dolphins too many, it is well below the 1,849 dolphins the hunters were permitted to catch.

We are aiming to reach $18,000 to continue pressuring companies to stop selling Taiji processed whale and dolphin meat.

More specifically, raising:

$1,000 – will enable the testing of more dolphin meat for toxins that could be harming consumers and building additional evidence behind our criminal complaints 

$3,500 – will help reach more consumers for the rest of the year who will pressure these companies by pledging to stop using their services until they stop selling dolphin meat

$6,000 – will help fund the appeal for the 2021 decision from our criminal complaint not to indict the Taiji Fishermen’s Cooperative who sold dolphin and whale meat with high levels of mercury – this will lead to another review of the evidence by the Prosecutor’s Office

$7,5000 – will support our local investigator for 3 months to identify who else is profiting from this cruel trade – so we can target them through the legal system and with more public pressure.

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