Action for Dolphins’s CEO Hannah Tait says, “This dolphin would have been desperately trying to free themselves, eventually drowning in their own home. This dolphin’s needless death is a stark reminder of how harmful and redundant shark nets are.”

Ms Tait says, “A massive 89% (204) of marine animals caught in NSW’s shark nets last season were non-target species such as dolphins, turtles, rays and other sharks. 100% of all dolphins which were caught struggled and drowned while waiting for net checks to occur.” 

Action for Dolphins calls on the Minns Government to develop a plan for the permanent removal of these redundant shark nets. Effective and scientifically supported shark management measures, like drone surveillance and shark tagging and tracking, are already being successfully implemented across NSW.

“Relying on shark nets for safety is akin to placing a tissue on your head during a hailstorm,” emphasises Ms. Tait. “These nets simply don’t work.  It’s time for the Minns Government to embrace a more sustainable future for our marine wildlife and people alike.”

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