Ever wondered about the ineffectiveness of shark nets and what better alternatives are already being used in New South Wales? We’ve got you covered. 

Teaming up with our friends at Sea Shepherd Australia, we’ve published a new report: NSW – Effective Shark Management for Your Community

It’s an easy-to-digest overview of shark management measures already being used in New South Wales, and explains the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of each one. In essence, an effective shark management program weaves together multiple measures in a dynamic, adaptable approach.


The report also illustrates shark management measures currently used in the local government areas where shark nets are currently deployed along New South Wales’ coastline.

At the heart of our report, we’re advocating for a sensible, scientifically supported approach. We recommend the NSW Government kick outdated shark nets to the curb and continue amplifying the deployment of scientifically supported shark management measures. 

This report explains the scientific research that has led us to this conclusion, and includes an evidence-based proposal for effective shark management in each local government area currently deploying shark nets in NSW.

We’re working towards a future where humans and marine life, including sharks, coexist peacefully. A world where we safeguard our communities from the rare risk of a shark bite while minimising harm to marine animals in their natural habitats. 

We invite you to explore our report, to inspire and educate yourself on how we can better live in harmony with these majestic creatures of the ocean. 

Read our report today – NSW – Effective Shark Management for Your Community