Action for Dolphins is partnering with Envoy to host a screening of the ground-breaking documentary.

Sharks are integral to maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems. As top predators, they assist in regulating the abundance of species below them in the food chain. Shockingly, we’re seeing population declines of apex shark species across the coast of Australia.

The QLD and NSW shark control programs use tactics and methods first established in the 1930s. Baited drum lines and shark nets are used in both states despite any evidence that they reduce shark attacks and fatalities. In fact, the QLD program has been directly linked to dropping numbers. The QLD program has a target list of 19 sharks, 16 of which are widely accepted not to pose a threat to humans

And it’s not just sharks being killed. In QLD alone, 15,365 animals have been caught in the lethal shark control program since 2001, including 816 turtles, 317 dolphins, and 78 whales.

Join us at this fundraising event to help get the word out about the horrific cruelty taking place just beneath the surface on Australian beaches.

What: Envoy Shark Cull film screening

When: 6:45PM, Wednesday the 24th February

Where: Cinema Nova, Carlton, Melbourne.