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Advocacy in Japan

Many Japanese people are unaware of the dolphin slaughters taking place in one small pocket of Japan. While the documentary The Cove exposed the hunts to people around the world, it was only screened at a small handful of cinemas in Japan.

Working with Japanese organisations, AFD is raising awareness of dolphin hunting in Japan, with the hope that this will lead to greater pressure on the Japanese government from within the country.

One of the ways we have put this into action is by broadcasting information about the hunts and the cruel aquarium trade that funds them on huge billboards in Tokyo and Osaka.

Advocacy in Japan One of the billboards in action

We have also provided equipment to Japanese activists who are monitoring the daily hunts on the ground, so they can gather powerful footage and broadcast it to local audiences.

Another of our collaborations was with a grass-roots organisation called Fukushima Kids Dolphins Camp ('FKDC'). The FKDC was created in 2014 to help sick kids recovering from the Fukushima disaster, while fostering a love and respect for wild dolphins and the environment. The camp gives children much-needed respite and a chance to play outside, without fear of being exposed to radiation. It has the added benefit of raising awareness about dolphins and encouraging families not to visit aquariums.

To ensure other camps go ahead, please donate generously to the FKDC here and share this wonderful project with your friends.



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