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Ending dolphin captivity in Australia

Scientific studies suggest that dolphins suffer in captivity. It is well documented that when highly intelligent, migratory dolphins are confined to the four walls of swimming pools, they can suffer stress, disease and early death.

That is why, around the world - in the UK, Switzerland, India, the US, Canada and many other countries - dolphin captivity has been banned, or legislative moves to phase it out are well underway.

Sea World on the Gold Coast is the last marine park in Australia with an active dolphin breeding program. It currently holds over 30 dolphins, most of them having spent their entire lives in captivity.

Although Australia is one of the world’s most vocal advocates for dolphins living in the wild, we are well behind in protecting captive dolphins. Thirty years ago, an Australian Senate report pointed to evidence that dolphins suffer stress and high mortality in captivity, and recommended that captivity be phased out in Australia.

Today, AFD is leading the Australian movement to phase out dolphin captivity in this country, by promoting national debate and working with politicians to change our legislation. We are also exposing aquariums that do not meet animal welfare standards, and working to establish a sea sanctuary home for the dolphins currently held in captivity.

Dolphins are Intelligent
AFD's bus billboards encouraged Australians to think twice before visiting captive dolphins.

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