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Creating a better life for captive dolphins

Dolphin Marine Magic
Caption: Captive dolphins suffer stress, disease and high mortality.

Thanks to AFD's investigations and public campaign, the cruelty of dolphin captivity has been exposed in major Australian newspapers, including The Australian, the ABC and Fairfax newspapers. 

AFD's work to free dolphins from captivity has been greatly supported by Voiceless, the animal protection institute. In 2016, AFD received a Voiceless grant to run a major advertising campaign in NSW. In 2017, AFD was the proud recipient of both the Voiceless People's Choice Award, which is decided by popular vote, and the Director's Award. This enabled the first television campaign against dolphin captivity in Australia. It also assisted AFD in launching legal action challenging whether dolphins are truly "happy and healthy" in captivity.

The humane solution to dolphin captivity is for the animals to be relocated to a sea sanctuary. In the ocean, the dolphins can express natural behaviours, dive deeply and live with respect and autonomy. AFD is currently working on establishing a sea sanctuary in NSW, where captive dolphins can have the lives they deserve .

If you would like to help achieve this for Australia's captive dolphins, we’d love you to become an AFD Dolphin Defender. Please sign our petition calling for an end to dolphin captivity in New South Wales and we’ll keep you regularly updated on this important campaign!

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