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AFD's Approved Wild Encounters

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Photo credit - Philip Hamilton

Everyone loves to see dolphins, however evidence shows dolphins in captivity can suffer stress, higher mortality rates and behavioral abnormalities. With growing concern for the welfare of captive dolphins, many people are opting to view them in the wild instead.

There are many operators in Australia that offer the opportunity to see these majestic animals in the wild. Yet it’s not always clear which operators are acting ethically, within wildlife recommendations and legal guidelines.  

That is why Action for Dolphins has created an Australian-first wild dolphin encounter ‘Ethical Tourism Guide’. The Guide collates years of research and can be used to assist anyone who wants to go dolphin watching or swimming in Australia. You can experience the joy of seeing dolphins in the wild, safe in the knowledge these operators act responsibly and ethically.

As a part of the program, AFD have personally verified four operators around Australia that offer ethical wild dolphin swims and/ or watching experiences. The four operators AFD endorse are:

For more information, please click below to view ‘AFD’s Ethical Tourism Guide’.
AFD Ethical Toursim Guide

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