Since September 1 the Taiji dolphin hunters have brutally killed approximately 69 Risso’s Dolphins – including 10 only a few days ago.

These beautiful animals and their calves have been subjected to some of the worst torture imaginable.

Yahoo! Japan sells Risso’s Dolphin meat online – in turn supporting these inhumane hunts.

Dolphin defenders around the world are using social media to hold Yahoo! Japan accountable for selling whale and dolphin meat from Taiji.

Partnering with Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we’re aiming for 200,000 shares and tags of Yahoo! Japan.

You can help hold Yahoo! Japan accountable by following these easy steps:


1. Click on the link below to share AFD’s post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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2. Tag Yahoo! Japan in your post urging it to stop supporting the Taiji dolphin hunts

Facebook: @yahoojapan

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Twitter: @Yahoo_JAPAN_PR

3. Add a caption (please make sure to be respectful): 


@yahoojapan sells dozens of whale and dolphin products sourced from Taiji, where dolphins are brutally slaughtered using cruel and inhumane methods.

SHARE AND TAG @yahoojapan to hold them accountable. 

4.  Like and comment AFD’s post to show support

If Yahoo! Japan was to stop selling dolphin and whale meat, it would be a huge blow to the supply chain from the Taiji hunts.

With enough people, the small act of sharing a post will help create a huge ripple effect against cruel dolphin hunting.

Please share today to help hold Yahoo! Japan accountable for selling dolphin and whale meat from Taiji.

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