The NSW State Government recently released its 2022-23 budget plan – and dolphins were not included.

In the lead up to the budget, Action For Dolphins collected almost 25,000 petition signatures and met with multiple decision makers to push for government support and funding to finish the feasibility study and build a dolphin sanctuary in Coffs Harbour.

I won’t sugar coat it – the latest NSW Government response is disappointing. Without government support the sanctuary project will be extremely difficult to get off the ground.

The Environment Minister has ignored our proposals and his own Government’s recommendations to support a dolphin sanctuary in NSW.

NSW government officials have received a project proposal, including these renders, showing how positive a sanctuary could be for the dolphins and Coffs Harbour.

Despite these difficulties, AFD will continue to fight to put the sanctuary project on the NSW Government’s agenda.

Later this month, we are aiming to campaign in Coffs Harbour and rally local support behind this groundbreaking project.

We cannot thank our supporters enough for standing behind Zippy, Bella and Jet. We will keep you updated with any developments.

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