What happens during the dolphin drive hunts?

Every year, this heartbreaking cycle repeats itself in Taiji: wild bottlenose dolphins, living freely in the vast ocean, are mercilessly captured for the tourism trade. 

The capture process is harrowing. Hunters overpower a single dolphin, ruthlessly pulling on their fins, dragging them underwater, and exhausting them to the point of despair. Helplessly trapped in nets and hoisted into slings, these innocent creatures are sent across the globe to spend their days in tanks, performing tricks for human entertainment.

We refuse to let this cruelty continue unchallenged.

Disrupting this heartbreaking cycle

Thailand is a major trader of wild bottlenose dolphins from Japan. Between 2012 – 2022, Thailand imported 7% of the wild dolphins exported from Japan.

The exact destination for individual dolphins is unknown, but they are traded for the purpose of zoos and aquariums. As such, we can only assume they are going to Thailand’s biggest marine parks. We’re urging these marine parks not to buy these intelligent creatures.

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How many dolphins have suffered in the Taiji dolphin hunts?


dolphins & small whales have been trapped into a life of captivity from the Taiji hunts since 2012


dolphins & small whales have been slaughtered in the Taiji hunts since 2012

How does Action for Dolphins make a difference?

Action for Dolphins advocates for the protection of dolphins and challenge practices that cause them harm. We work tirelessly to change laws, educate the public, and promote institutional changes that lead to safer, healthier lives for dolphins.

Halt the harmful dolphin hunts in Taiji

Break the cycle to end dolphins in captivity

Remove shark nets

End harmful feeding of dolphins

Improve dolphins’ ocean home

What our supporters say

Action for Dolphins is lucky to have some of the best supporters on the planet. With their help, we’re making it a safer place for dolphins.

'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do! I will gladly donate to a cause that is actually making a change!!'

Jodi B

‘They are doing great work and the highlight was to sue the hunters of Taiji in court.’

Leotien P

'The dedicated determination of the team to improve the education and therefore the concept people have of marine-life in general, and especially dolphins'

Maureen J

'Love love love this organisation. Great great team. 5/5 without a doubt. Thank you for all you do.'

Melody M

'Always dedicated to the right values and pursues with integrity and conviction. Thank you!'

Michele J

'Superb action against the awful cruelties humans inflict on Dolphins!'

Virginia S

‘A small Australian group has done what years of vigils, arrests, and even the plea of a Kennedy could not: knock the wind out of Japan’s dolphin hunt’
Andrew Darby, The Sydney Morning Herald