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Stop the bloodbath


Every day between September and March, wild dolphins are herded into a cove, exhausted and terrified. Those dolphins deemed "good looking" enough are captured and sold off to aquariums and the rest are brutally stabbed to death.

But one man has the power to stop the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji and spare thousands of beautiful and intelligent animals from pain and suffering. That man is the local governor of Wakayama, Mr Yoshinobu Nisaka.

Please sign the global petition ( telling the Taiji Governor NOT to approve the permit for this season’s dolphin hunts. If we can stop the permit from being issued, the dolphin hunters won't be able to lay a single hand on the innocent dolphins.

Tell the governor dolphins should not die a slow, painful death from trauma and blood loss. Tell him that no dolphin should ever be ripped from their families and sold to substandard aquariums.

We only have until 1st September to convince him not to sign the dolphin death warrant. Please act now to put pressure on this key decision maker and save thousands of dolphins with your signature. Add your name at:

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