Sign the petition to help dolphins in Australia.


Stop dolphin captivity in Australia

To speak up for dolphins confined in swimming pools in Australia, please sign the below petition addressed to Mr Niall Blair, the minister in charge of dolphin protection in NSW.

The petition will be presented to Minister Blair’s office when we reach 100,000 signatures.

To: Department of Primary Industries

Attention: The Hon. Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries

Dear Mr Blair,

We write to urge your department to abolish dolphin captivity in NSW and establish a humane sea sanctuary for dolphins.

An ocean sanctuary would provide Australia’s captive dolphins with a humane home, where they could live with dignity, autonomy and be given the respect they deserve. The sanctuary could also function as a world-class rehabilitation centre and rescue stranded and injured marine animals.

As an Australian Senate Select Committee on Animal Welfare report noted in 1985, dolphins in captivity have “suffered stress, behavioural abnormalities, high mortalities, decreased longevity and breeding problems…cetacea generally have paid a high price for the dubious advantages of captivity”.

Furthermore, the NSW Dolphin Standards are 20 years old, and out of date with what we now know about the welfare requirements of dolphins.

Dolphin captivity has already been banned, or legislative reform is underway, in the UK, France, Switzerland, Canada and the US. It is high time Australia followed suit.

I call on you to take action now to end dolphin captivity in your state, and retire NSW’s captive dolphins to an ocean sanctuary.

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