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Entangled dolphin asks diver for help

In this remarkable footage shot in Hawaii in January 2013, an entangled dolphin appears to ask a diver for help.

A group of divers were swimming with manta rays on a night dive when the dolphin approached and began circling them persistently, revealing its injury. The dolphin had fishing line caught in its mouth and running down to a fishing hook lodged in its fin.

Keller Laros, the dive leader, gestured for the dolphin to come closer, and it swam up to his side.

"I said, 'come here' and he swam right up to me," Laros says. The dolphin hovered beside Laros for over five minutes while he removed the fishing line. The dolphin had to surface for air once during the rescue, but immediately returned so that Laros could finish the job.

"It's a huge thrill to be able to help an animal that clearly knows what's going on," Laros told NBC. "He made the effort to come to us. … The dolphin is really intelligent. It's a relationship. He came to us because he had a problem".

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