SeaWorld fights to restore its image as shares sink in the wake of Blackfish

November 8, 2015 by Rupert Neate  

The Guardian

Sina Schmocker asks for a minute to think before responding. “I have really enjoyed seeing the whales and the other animals,” she said. “But I am really shocked by how little space they have. “I knew it would be quite small, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this small,” Schmocker said of the 5.8m gallons (the equivalent of just under nine Olympic swimming pools) of tanks behind her that are home to the…
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Dolphin Bay Phuket dolphinarium opens despite criticisms from animal activists

November 2, 2015  

Coconuts Bangkok

More than 200 people arrived Saturday at the Dolphin Bay Phuket to witness the first show of the new marine park, despite the controversy surrounding the venue. The show started at 10:30am, with many parents bringing their children to view the spectacle of dolphins guided by trainers, performing tricks and aerial stunts with balls and hoops. Many of the visitors at the morning show, which was reserved exclusively for Thais, gave glowing reviews of the…
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Is it Cruel to ‘Swim with the Dolphins’?

October 30, 2015 by Katrina Brown Hunt  

Yahoo Travel

They’re smart. They’re adorable. And they seem to love people. Who wouldn’t want to get in the water andswim with a dolphin But as more information comes to light about these popular Swim with the Dolphins (SWTD) attractions—found at marine centers and some resorts—these experiences can start raising more nagging questions than excitement. Whether in captivity or in the wild, such experiences most likely get you too close for comfort—as in, the dolphin’s comfort. Dolphin…
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Marine biologists discover rubbish haul in stomach of dead whale in Taiwan

October 28, 2015  

ABC News

Taiwanese marine biologists have discovered a mass of plastic bags and fishing net in the stomach of a dead whale, underlining the dangers posed by floating ocean trash. The 15-metre mature sperm whale was spotted stranded off the southern town of Tongshi on October 15. Coastguards and scientists returned it to the ocean but three days later it was found dead around 20 kilometres away. Marine biologists from a local university, who conducted an autopsy…
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The Big Read: The real whale riders

October 26, 2015 by Geoff Cumming  

NZ Herald

If they weren't so committed, you might think these scientists are mad. Perched in an inflatable boat mid-ocean, metres from a humpback whale, it takes skill - and no little courage - to shoot a satellite tracking device into said whale's backside. "Whales have a large personal space," explains Dr Rochelle Constantine of Auckland University's marine mammal ecology group. "Once you get within about 20m they either don't mind you being there or they do.…
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Marine conservationists claim Japanese fishermen are dumping dolphin corpses at sea

October 23, 2015 by Justin McCurry  

The Guardian

Marine conservationists have claimed that fishermen in the Japanese town of Taiji are dumping the corpses of small dolphins out at sea so that they can fill their annual quota with larger, more profitable specimens. The conservation organisationSea Shepherdreleasedimageson Thursday of a juvenile Risso’s dolphin it claimed had washed ashore in Taiji after being thrown overboard by local fishermen, who began theirannual dolphin huntlast month. The group said it believed the dolphin had been among…
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