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Help Angel and Say No to Dolphin Hunters

May 21, 2014 by Lara Shannon  

Eco Chick

During my first few years at WWF I truly believed that more people would realise the importance of protecting wildlife and couldn’t understand why cruel and barbaric practices against animals took place.

Sadly, it continues as a very common practice and so it is up to the rest of us to keep the pressure on those doing the wrong thing. The latest initiative that needs your signature of support is the Australia for Dolphins petition which targets the Japanese dolphin hunters with a plea to free dolphins from captivity and slaughter.

There is a particular focus placed on Angel, an extremely rare albino dolphin calf, who was taken from her mother by dolphin hunters and put in appalling conditions in Taiji Whale Museum.

The Museum won’t allow entry to dolphin welfare experts to assess the conditions, therefore Australia For Dolphins, along with Ric O’Barry from the documentaryThe Coveand Director of US organization The Dolphin Project, is taking legal action.

The Action for Angel lawsuit and subsequent campaign will, for the first time, compel the Taiji government to defend its globally-condemned dolphin hunts.

If you have viewed The Cove or have seen the reports on the dolphin bloodbath in Taiji you will no doubt know why it must stop. It is horrific to think that humans can do this to another living thing.

Please lend your voice to the cause by signing the petition onaction4angel.organd to use the #SaveAngel. You can also check out The Cove trailer on the Ecochick home page if you haven't yet seen it.

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